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OLLIN Professional provides a full range of professional products for the successful work of stylists, hairdressers. The modern approach and the innovative technologies provided unparalleled quality and have opened up new possibilities for creativity in the ways to perfection.

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Natural products of the line solve various problems of hair and skin of head. The exclusive formula contains special active ingredients that intensively enrich the hair with nutrients, fill the pores and even out the defects.

Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar is an express care for all hair types. Natural components of egg, milk, chocolate and honey extracts make hair manageable and elastic, give smoothness, healthy and well-groomed appearance. Light base helps active components to quickly penetrate into the structure of curls, intensively nourish it and stabilize the natural processes of healthy hair.

Full Force

Products of four directions of the Full Force line solve delicate problems such as dry or sensitive skin, hair loss, dandruff. Repair the structure of the hair, gently take care of skin of head and act individually in each case. Created on the basis of the latest developments and include natural ingredients.

Keratin System

It smooths even the most unmanageable hair. It contains natural hydrolysed keratin, for this reason it gently and carefully repairs the hair, gives it natural shine and silkiness. Glyoxylic acid in the composition makes the straightening procedure safe. Hair is easy to comb, style and do not become fluffy up to three months. Keratin System gently straightens the hair structure, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the hair. Does not contain formaldehyde.


The styling collection by Ollin Professional has been designed to create bright, unique images. A large selection of instruments will allow the master to realize any idea, and the client — easily recreate the image at home. We help to discover your style and personality in new way and enjoy our products.


Innovative tool that repairs hair during and after any chemical, thermal and mechanical procedures. It affects the cortex of the hair, so it makes it stronger and repairs the disturbed disulphide bonds.

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The collective dreams

The main value OLLIN Professional - is an experienced team of stylists, hairdressers. Conducting training seminars on the brand, they share advanced technologies and innovative designs that allow you to open and enhance the beauty of your customers .

All stylists, barbers are actively involved in the creation of new products and the image created by the grandiose show screenings and are the most relevant for hairdressers work. Team - our pride, inspired by profession, they open up a new world - beauty and perfect - world OLLIN Professional.



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The main objective of the training program OLLIN Professional - professional development of stylists, hairdressers, hairdressing art support, the development of individuality. Educational seminars are one of the at the top Russian teachers, practitioners, experts in their field, and promote professional growth and technology development.

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