Флюид-препигментатор красный

MainProductsFluid pre-color
90 ml
Technical line


Product for preparing bleached, light-colored or lightly pigmented hair for darker shade dyeing. Restores the artificial lightening background of light hair. Saturates the hair with the necessary red, copper or golden pigment, allows to achieve a strong saturated color and avoid unwanted shades when dyeing two or more shades darker. COLOR LEVEL PRE-PIGMENTATION 1–5 Do not dilute with water 6–7 Dilute 1 part with 2 parts of water 8–9 Dilute 1 part with 9 parts of water

Mode of application

Application: dilute the fluid in the required proportions according to the mixing table. Apply on the hair with a brush, do not rinse. Dry your hair, start applying the dye.